Continental Area Asia
Country Area Indonesia
Country Area Region East Java
Surf Spot 20-20s Surf Spot
Surfing Skill Level All levels
Best Board Type Shortboard
Reputation Normal
Paddle Out Conditions TBD
Surf's Up Frequency Pretty reliable (150+ days per year)
Direction Left
Type Reef - Coral
Bottom Sandy with Rocks
Power Fast, Ledgey
Average Length Quickies, < 50 meters
Best Length Average, 50 to 150 meters
Minimum Workable Height Less than 3 ft/1 m
Maxes Out at this Height 10 ft+/3 m+
Good Swell Direction East
Good Wind Direction TBD
Best Tide Position Mid Tide
Best Tide Movement TBD
Crowds - Week Few Surfers
Crowds - Weekends Few Surfers
Water Quality/Cleanliness TBD
Hazards to Avoid Rips/Undertow, Rocks, Urchins
Best Season March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

Surf Suit Type

January/February Boardshorts
March/April Boardshorts
May/June Boardshorts
July/August Boardshorts
September/October Boardshorts
November/December Boardshorts

Water Temp

January/February 29°C | 84°F
March/April 29°C | 84°F
May/June 28°C | 82°F
July/August 26°C | 79°F
September/October 27°C | 81°F
November/December 28°C | 82°F

Air Temp

January/February 26°C | 79°F
March/April 28°C | 82°F
May/June 29°C | 84°F
July/August 29°C | 84°F
September/October 27°C | 81°F
November/December 27°C | 81°F


January/February Rainy
March/April Partly Cloudy/Sunny
May/June Partly Cloudy/Sunny
July/August Partly Cloudy/Sunny
September/October Partly Cloudy/Sunny
November/December Rainy