Continental Area Australia & Pacific
Country Area New Zealand
Country Area Region New Zealand NI
Country Area Region Zone SW Coast
Surf Spot 156 Surf Spot
Surfing Skill Level Pro level
Best Board Type Shortboard
Reputation Regional Classic
Paddle Out Conditions TBD
Surf's Up Frequency Pretty reliable (150+ days per year)
Direction TBD
Type TBD
Bottom Reef (coral, sharp rocks etc..)
Power Fast, Hollow, Ledgey, Powerful
Average Length Average, 50 to 150 meters
Best Length Average, 50 to 150 meters
Minimum Workable Height 3-5 ft/1-1.5 m
Maxes Out at this Height 3 ft+/1 m+
Good Swell Direction SouthWest, South, SouthEast
Good Wind Direction North, NorthWest, NorthEast
Best Tide Position TBD
Best Tide Movement TBD
Crowds - Week Empty
Crowds - Weekends Empty
Water Quality/Cleanliness TBD
Hazards to Avoid Rips/Undertow, Rocks, Sharks
Best Season TBD

Surf Suit Type

January/February Full Suit 2/Spring Suit
March/April Full Suit 2/Spring Suit
May/June Full Suit 4/3
July/August Full Suit 4/3
September/October Full Suit 4/3
November/December Full Suit 3/2

Water Temp

January/February 18°C | 64°F
March/April 18°C | 64°F
May/June 14°C | 57°F
July/August 13°C | 55°F
September/October 13°C | 55°F
November/December 16°C | 61°F

Air Temp

January/February 21°C | 69°F
March/April 21°C | 69°F
May/June 14°C | 57°F
July/August 11°C | 51°F
September/October 13°C | 56°F
November/December 16°C | 60°F


January/February Partly Cloudy/Sunny
March/April Partly Cloudy/Sunny
May/June Partly Cloudy/Sunny
July/August Partly Cloudy/Sunny
September/October Partly Cloudy/Sunny
November/December Partly Cloudy/Sunny