14th Court (Florida)


Continental Area North America
Country Area USA
Country Area Region Florida
Country Area Region Zone South
Surf Spot 14th Court (Florida) Surf Spot
Surfing Skill Level All levels
Best Board Type TBD
Reputation Messy
Paddle Out Conditions TBD
Surf's Up Frequency Regular & dependable
Direction TBD
Type Beach Break
Bottom Sandy
Power Fast, Fun, Ordinary, Powerless, Slab
Average Length Quickies, < 50 meters
Best Length Quickies, < 50 meters
Minimum Workable Height 3-5 ft/1-1.5 m
Maxes Out at this Height 3 ft+/1 m+
Good Swell Direction SouthEast, East, NorthEast
Good Wind Direction SouthEast, East, NorthEast
Best Tide Position Mid and High Tide
Best Tide Movement Rising Tide
Crowds - Week Few Surfers
Crowds - Weekends Crowded
Water Quality/Cleanliness TBD
Hazards to Avoid Localism, Pollution, Rips/Undertow, Sharks
Best Season January, February, September, October

Surf Suit Type

January/February Boardshorts
March/April Boardshorts
May/June Boardshorts
July/August Boardshorts
September/October Boardshorts
November/December Boardshorts

Water Temp

January/February 22°C | 72°F
March/April 24°C | 75°F
May/June 27°C | 81°F
July/August 26°C | 79°F
September/October 27°C | 81°F
November/December 24°C | 75°F

Air Temp

January/February 18°C | 64°F
March/April 26°C | 79°F
May/June 29°C | 84°F
July/August 32°C | 90°F
September/October 26°C | 79°F
November/December 18°C | 64°F


January/February Sunny
March/April Sunny
May/June Sunny
July/August Sunny
September/October Sunny
November/December Partly Cloudy/Sunny