Why I signed up?

I started this site as a place to find surf spots that were best for your individual style (abilities/preferences, etc) and then wanted to add a way to find surf buddies the same way. I'm looking for warm weather, afternoon, sun patrol loving weekend warrior surfer buddies. All the surfers I meet are morning peeps, and I just can't do them, ha! Surf trip buddies would also be great! Check out the spots on my sand bucket list!

First Name




Sandbucket List - Completed

Scorpion Bay, La Lancha, Malibu, Cabo Old Mans, Puaena Point, Waikiki

Favorite Musicians/Bands

Iration, Wheeland Brothers, Ballyhoo!, Rootdown

Favorite Post Surf Hangs (Restaurants/Bars)

Miss B’s Coconut Club, Beachhouse, Mavericks during the day, Fatfish, PB SushI, Single Fin, Crushed

Other Interests

Digital advertising, outdoor adventures

Occupation/Side Hustle

da Surf Engine Founder, Digital Marketing Manager, Other side hustles: and (with SeaShine Surf Co apparel line)