da Surf Engine Network – A Community for Surfers & Beach Lovers

Created for surfers & beach lovers, our goal it to have a community and site that is interactive, informative, and fun!

As we’ve said, we’re kind of like a Meetup, Medium, Google Search, and Facebook Groups for surfers. Here’s what you’ll get for being a member.

Find Surf Buddies or other connections in your local surf community

Search for and find surf buddies on your same wavelength that are as stoked about surfing as you are and surf a lot, surf at the same time that you typically surf, near you, or surf at the same kind of breaks you surf.

You can also find other surfers at your experience level – or not (if you want lessons/coaching or to find students).

As this article explains, most of surfing friendships are made outside of the lineup on the beach, as we’re too consumed with waves to be really social while we’re surfing. Therefore we’ve opened our community up to surf fans/beach lovers as well. 

Find other surfers to hang out with after a sesh by searching for those who have similar interests, musical tastes, and preferred hangouts as you.

Connect with Surfers Around the World

If you’re planning a surf trip to a certain area of the world, search for people with favorite surf spots or surf spots on their sand bucket completed list and ask them questions about surfing the area and find out their recommended local hangouts.

Who knows, you just might also find a place to stay while you’re traveling, whether they have an AirBnB or just want to host you for free.

Connect with other surfers who have similar surf spots on their Sand Bucket wish list and plan a surf trip!


Unlike Meetup, anyone can host an event. Unlike Facebook, you can add discussions/forums to groups to keep the chats organized by topic – or just keep with the random chatter in the group area. Talk surf in groups or plan a surf sesh event and even bonfire/hangout afterwards!

Share Your Surf Experiences & Contribute Articles to Connect with Surfers around the World

Any member can post a blog, but they will need to be approved by us prior to posting, as it needs to be unique content that is valuable to the community. We’re especially interested in local surf spot guides from local surfers in the area, surf travel stories to various surf breaks/surf camps, gear reviews, or other surf advice and surf stories you have to tell.

It’s a great way to also promote your surf related business, if done in a non-spammy way. For example, if you have people that have gone to your surf camp, encourage them to post their story of it here. If you’re an aspiring YouTube Surf Vlogger, add some behind the scenes or other info about your video to the article and embed your YouTube videos in the article.

Become an Active Participant in the Community and get Perks, Rewards, Benefits, etc.

We’re still working on this part, but we will be implementing points for various activities on the site, for bragging rights at first, and for other more valuable items down the road, once we grow the community a bit more. Stay tuned!!

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