Venturing out to get some initial 360 videos of Southern California Surf Spots with our 360Fly

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This winter has certainly been the most gloomy, rainy, cold, and cloudy one we’ve had on the books since I’ve lived in San Diego – about 8 years by now!  I don’t know if you’re like me but I haven’t had nearly as many surf sessions as I would have liked to this winter and am going a bit stir crazy not getting out in the ocean enough.

However, since getting the 360Fly camera, at least I’ve been able to venture out and get some initial 360 video footage of some bigger wave days out in San Diego, even though the conditions weren’t ideal, it’s still amazing to see the power of the waves in force.

Filming in 360 video is a bit tricky as getting the positioning of the camera right is ideal.  I started out using a hand grip but that got to close to me, so then I got an adjustable extension pole, but that was more of a pain to carry and try and keep it elevated at the perfect angle.  I had a regular tripod which is great but that just captures the movement around it and doesn’t follow along in your ventures.

When I discovered the Wizmount, it was perfect, as it allowed me to get 360 footage of me traveling about my normal activities exploring surf spots, etc without having to awkwardly hold and carry anything.  The Wizmount also solved my problem of trying to get the key footage of the way my Dad’s Da Saddle seat moves with you (it’s like an elliptical for your butt).

Anyways, I’m saying this as the first few 360 surf spot videos here might be a little shaky, but bare with me, as I can’t wait to go out and capture some sunny afternoon footage of surf spots around SoCal and action surfing footage as well!!

This is the first footage I took with the 360Fly, it is on a static tripod at my home beach Tourmaline.  Not much action here, was just testing my camera out for the first time.

This next 360 video was taken in Mission Beach/Ocean Beach on a bigger wave day (but rainy/cloudy) in San Diego.  I started out at the Mission Beach Jetty surf spot as I was curious if any surfers were going to try and surf in between the Mission Bay & Ocean Beach Jetties, which from what I’ve heard, can break really well and get pumping on certain swells that were to be arriving.  I didn’t see anyone venturing out into that wilderness though – but the sand blowing on Ocean Beach Dog beach shows you exactly how windy it was that day!

The 360 video below captured the journey of my surf exploration on another windy/cloudy day when I was cruising in my PT Cruiser jamming to the Wheeland Brothers Taqueria song on the way to La Jolla Cove and then proceeding to Blacks.  It was just about to be sunset time and the sun can really blind you and I was clearly stopping at the stop sign, but clearly blinded by the sun and didn’t see the people that were crossing the street, kinda scary!

It’s a definite journey down to Blacks Beach (it’s easier but trickier to go down and getting back up is a workout indeed) – but for those who can surf it well, I’m sure it’s worth it with the barreling waves that break there.  When I got down to the bottom I thought I was in the northern part of the U.S. as it seemed like there was snow all around, but it was just the sea foam gathering about!

This 360 video was taken at Bolsa Chica State Beach before sunset.  I really love this one, it was the first one I used with my Wizmount!  Even though the waves weren’t great that day, the glow of the sun on the sand footprints makes for some amazing footage.  This place is also really happening in the summer with the Sea Legs place in the background.  They have some great spots to swing on a swing, lounge on a comfy mattress under a canopy and even roast some marshmallows around a bonfire after a surf.  I’ll definitely be surfing this place some more this summer!

Now that I’ve taken these initial 360 videos and have had several weekends to edit them and organize them for da Surf Engine’s YouTube channel, I am more than ready to now get some more footage of actual surfing at various surf spots around SD.

Let’s just hope the sun comes out soon on the weekend, as this weekend warrior is a sunny afternoon surfer.  So to sign off, here is one last video (not 360, as I edited it in watch me mode), but it’s somewhat surf spot related, as I rented an electric E-Lux bike to test out with my Dad’s Da Saddle seat riding up to the Huntington Beach surf spot and back down to Blackies surf spot in Newport Beach.  It was a fun time indeed!  Will have to take it back and actually surf as well next time!

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