The Easiest Surf Spots in the World to Get Barreled for the first time

Easiest surf spots to get barreled
Blog update – the easier places to get barreled now are often amongs all of the new wave pools cropping up. But if you want to find ways to find easier real ocean waves to get barreled on, read on!

I want to get barreled before I die, it’s kind of a bucket list item for me.  Some people dream of getting married and having babies, but for me, if I can just get barreled in this lifetime (truly barreled, like getting fully covered and then getting spit out), I think I could call it a day or life!

Getting barreled
Getting some shade in the barrel

However, I’m not the best surfer, my pop ups are not nearly fast enough. I don’t have every day to practice as I do have a day job, I just can’t do dawn patrol (I’m not a morning person) and am pretty much a full time Weekend Warrior (as for 5 months of the year it’s even hard to surf after work as it gets dark so soon).

Getting barreled usually is only possible at surf spots with very hollow and fast waves that require pro level skills and quick pop up times (which takes a lot of time and repetition to develop).

Therefore I was always wondering where the easiest place to get barreled would be.  Were there any surf spots out there that could produce barreling waves for those with all skill levels, even for the experienced but not talented surfers?

I’ve done countless Google searches for easy places to get barreled (one Inertia article mentions former world champ surfer CJ Hobgood referencing Macaronis surf spot as “it has a friendly drop and the wave does relatively the same thing”).

easy drops, easy barrels, how to get barreled
“Friendly” drops at Macaroni’s surf spot according to former World Surf champ CJ Hobgood!

That spot is on my sand bucket list to try one day, but what if you can’t afford to travel all the way out to Macaronis?  That’s where da Surf Engine app comes in.

With da Surf Engine app you can search for surf spots by skill level.  We’ve compiled months of research into the map below that shows a majority of the already documented surf spots around the world, highlighted by skill level criteria.

Of course, even beginner surf spots can be dangerous pending the conditions, so always keep that in mind. Also, the map below has many surf spots so some of the beginner surf spots are buried a bit under the other surf spots below.

Then within the same search you could also look for a hollow wave, (which are the kind most likely to barrel) and long wave (the kind that give you a longer time to potentially get that barrel).

This combo search within the app will give you a good idea on where to at least start looking for those barrels!  Granted, this is a little surf hack idea you could use da Surf Engine for, but it isn’t guaranteed to give you an easy barreling wave.

Nothing good ever comes that easy, but it will give you a start on where to look as there aren’t really a whole lot of Google results when you do a search for easy barrels!

Since getting barreled is a dream of mine, I think my ultimate goal would be to get barreled at Dreamland in Bali, it is on my surf sand bucket list.  I’ve always wanted to go to the surf mecca land of Bali.

If I do ever go there, the spot meets all the criteria I’m looking for, it’s a spot for all surf skill levels in warm water and on a bigger swell at low hide, the waves can get hollow there. I found it using da Surf Engine app.  Wouldn’t it be ironic to catch my first barrel at a place called Dreamland – yes, I think I can still keep dreaming, and along with it – planning and determination, so that perhaps that dream will come true one day!

Dreamland surf spot, getting barreled
Dreaming of barrels at Dreamland on a bigger swell and low tide!
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