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stoked surfers

da Surf Engine’s goal is to fuel your stoke, whether it’s by helping you find your perfect waves and surf buddies with our app, helpful articles such as these blogs, videos on our YouTube Channel, or pictures/articles on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.  Below is a list of surfers we’ve come across that we think are some of the most stoked ones out there, whether it’s the enthusiasm they express or commitment to the sport, they are definitely fueled with stoke!

Ben Gravy

This surf vlogger committed to making daily surf vlogs in 2016 and hasn’t stopped since.  He had a leg/knee injury that kept him from surfing for 6 months and once he was able to do so again, he caught the massive stoke and smile that he always has in each and every video he posts.  You can’t help but get excited to go surf, even in crappy conditions, after watching his videos!

He surfs anything and everything and his specialty is the novelty waves – ya know, ones that very rarely break only under certain conditions or that are just in unusual spots and are unique.

Hist stoke and excitement has gained him such a loyal and engaged following that his viewers campaigned to Kelly Slater to get him an invite to the Kelly Slater Wave Pool! He also recently went on a trip to explore Northern California and the Pacific Northwest, check out the beginning of that adventure here as well as his video with his top 10 novelty waves of 2017!

Mason Ho

Nobody can entertain us more just talking about surfing than Mason Ho can. His post surf contest heat interviews have been raved by surfers to be of top notch nature, certainly different from the rest of the pack.  Perhaps it’s his stoke level on surfing that just bubbles out from him when he’s talking about it that shows how truly stoked he is on surfing. Check out this article with some of his surf travel tips and this interview below about finding his perfect, dream wave – you’ll definitely catch the stoke after watching the interview!

Meg Roh

Since June, 2011, Meg Roh has surfed every single day, regardless of the weather or her schedule.  She’s currently on a run at 6+ years! She was even once with friends at Joshua Tree, wanted to keep continuing her run and went back to the coast for a surf and then returned back to Joshua Tree.  That’s a committed and happy surfer for you! She even got an ESPN interview for her commitment and stoke on surfing, check it out!

Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater is the unquestionably the best competitive surfer ever! He’s an 11X World Surf League champ and won 5 consecutive titles from 1994-1998 and his passion for surfing has led him to be behind developing the most perfect barreling wave out there at the Surf Ranch or otherwise known Kelly Slater Wave.

His demeanor may not be as expressive of the stoke such as a Ben Gravy or Mason Ho, but he himself has stated that he would go to bed, sleeping and thinking, dreaming about it and waking up wanting to do it.  It’s his love, stoke, and commitment to surfing combined with his talent that has led him to be what he’s known as, the surfing king! Check out his interview here with more of his secrets to surfing!

KellySays Surfer Chicks – Hanna & Dannie

Speaking of Kelly Slater, these two British surfer chicks started a blog/vlog based on Kelly Slater’s surf advice that you have to surf no matter what the conditions are in order to get better. Surfer chicks Hanna Bristow & Dannie MacLegend refer to themselves as hilarious British chicks with more stoke than sense! It really doesn’t make sense to normal people and most surfers actually to go out in the frigid waters such as they are in the UK when they started to film their series of YouTube videos called “KellySays”.

However, they thought if they filmed themselves every day surfing in the UK winter it might motivate them to get in the water every day – even when it was just 1 foot and mushy! Since their surfing really isn’t Kelly Slater esque amazement and entertainment, they mixed it up with some humor, adding funny commentary mixed into the videos in their living room on a beach concept.  Check out the first blog in their series below:

Sebastian Zietz aka Seabass

Seabass is known to be one of the most liked surfers on the WSL WCT tour.  He comes from a from a huge family of 8 siblings and has a fun personality and definitely is stoked.  In his interview below he talks about wanting to bring the fun back into surfing, as it’s gotten so “emo” – ha!  He says to “have fun, you’re a surfer because you love it, I’m not a punk, I just like surfing”.

He also put on one of the funniest, stoke infused and entertaining post surf event win speeches I’ve ever seen.  I became a total fan ever since!  Also, typically pro surfers have these really serious video edits and don’t focus much on the personality and stoke of the surfer.  However, his most recent series, “Happily Stoked” is a refreshing change from that.

Sabre Norris

This little surfer girl was referenced as the 2nd youngest surfer to ever compete in a World Surf League event.  She gave a post event interview and her stoke was so contagious, it went viral and she got invited to appear on the Ellen Show!  As you can see her interview below, she definitely has the stoke.  Her long term goal is to be in the field when surfing is in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.  Looking forward to seeing her there to represent the sport and lifestyle!

Dane Gudauskas – well and his whole family

Dane and his whole family have actually been referred to as the most stoked surfing family out there.  They founded this local surf competition called Stoke-o-Rama, which is more about camraderie than winning or losing, and has raised money for juniors lifeguards program.

They’ve even taken this local concept global with their “Positive Vibe Warriors” foundation that raises funds for ocean awareness and is a website where surfers and other people can share their stories of inspiration and struggle. Below is an inspiring ideo on how their Positive Vibe Warrior foundation was able to collect a good amount of boards to donate to those in Jamaica as those that live there don’t have the luxury of modern equipment or even surf shops due to high import taxes and tariffs.

Dale Webster

Last, but certainly not least is Dale Webster.  This guy surfed for 40 years + one month and one day, every single day straight (minimum of 3 waves caught per day as well) and holds the Guinness Book of World Records for most consecutive days surfed – 14,641.

This is an amazing accomplishment, especially where he surfs at in the northwest where conditions aren’t always ideal and waters are cold to freezing.  He was featured in one of our favorite surf documentaries, Step Into the Liquid, that showcases the lengths people will go in order to get their stoke on and surf, around the word, regardless of being by an ocean.

His streak recently ended and this video below is of his ‘last week of the streak. In the video, Dale is 67 years old, still ripping. He mentioned how he has missed out on a lot of other parts of life due to this commitment and I can kind of relate.  I have a 9-5 Mon-Friday job and I’m a sunny afternoon weekend kind of surfer which really limits my social life as surfing is the first priority for me so I do miss out on other parts of life, but to me surfing is my favorite so until I’m retired, I guess I still miss out on other stuff!

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