Solo Surfer Chick Surf Trip to Scorpion Bay

Scorpion Bay Solo Surfer Chick Surf Trip

Scorpion Bay was a surf spot that had been on my sand bucket list for ages!!!  I’ve heard of the endlessly long right peeling waves that are just perfect for longboard surfing (especially at point 2) and even short boarding too pending conditions.  I always thought it would be tricky to get there though as I’d have to get a whole group together to caravan and drive down (and someone with 4×4’s which is essential if driving down from San Diego).

The other option would be to drive 5-6 hours up from La Paz airport or up from Cabo on bumpy roads which I didn’t want to do by myself.  However when I heard the roads had been paved on the MX-1 going up to San Juanico from the Loreto airport and that it was only a 3.5-4 hour drive I was stoked!!  I immediately began planning my journey and picked the perfect time when I knew there shouldn’t be any rain and the waves were best (as da Surf Engine app told me from research I’ve compiled!).

I’d seen a couple group hosted trips there but they were like $2,500 not including airfare so I figured this way would be a ton cheaper and I could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted to do it, on my schedule!

Everyone was so concerned for me as I’m a single girl going by myself all the way down in Mexico, but ya know what, a single dude going by himself nobody would be as concerned about and I can take care of myself just as good as a guy can, you just need to be smart, prepared, and travel in the daylight!

So below is my detailed break down of each day of my surf trip.  No one will probably read this all the way through and that’s cool, but if you actually do, I will give you a double high five, ha! I did try and break the blog up into pieces though, by day!

I didn’t post any pics in this blog because I spent about a month putting the below sizzle reel and following YouTube video/vlog/documentary together (in a couple paragraphs here) of the entire trip for those who would prefer to just sit back and watch (and if ya can sit through an hour and a half feature length film, ha), but there might be some details/back ground ya might miss out on if you’re too lazy to read this whole blog! 🙂

I had the best time ever, caught some of the biggest waves I’ve ever surfed and really want to go back soon…and bring a group of surfer buddies with me next time and try out camping by the 2nd point for a few days!  It is definitely one of my perfect waves!

Below is a quick :60 sizzle reel of the trip if your short on time 😉

Day before Official Trip Start

Since my flight to Mexico was out of LA and in the morning, I thought, well, since the Wheeland Brothers are playing at one of my fave venues I like to see them play in at Bolsa Chica Beach (Sea Leggs), I’ll just get a hotel room somewhere nearby so I can kick off my surfing trip with their surf inspired tunes and get a couple more hours of sleep in the morning before the flight and not have to deal with a 2.5 hour drive to LA in the early morning!

Day 1: The Journey to Scorpion Bay

Getting to LAX for the flight down to Mexico

Long boring story you can skip but just FYI, never park at the Hilton at LAX!

I decided to fly from LAX to Loreto instead of Tijuana to Loreto because there were more flights/flexibility in dates and the prices were cheaper.  However given the below saga I had flying out of LAX/Alaska Air and the airport parking, I think I will explore the Tijuana to Loreto flight next time!

I headed to airport in plenty of time (at 8am for a 10:55 flight) – got to airport at around 8:30 but the parking I reserved was a farce.  There were absolutely no spaces in the Hilton dungeoun of a congested parking garage with barely enough room to turn your car, let alone park.  I circled all levels a time or two but just had to give up and find last minute parking elsewhere as I had spent almost a half hour searching for spots and I needed to check in for my flight an hour before hand (around 9:55am) and wasn’t sure how fast any airport parking lot shuttle would be.

I bit the bullet and just parked at The Spot parking lot even though their rates were $25/day just because I needed to get myself on that flight in time and they had a free shuttle.  On the shuttle some were saying that the Sunday before the 4th of July is LAX’s busies time, well, that might have been helfpul to know before hand.

The traffic at LAX was horrific, but the shuttle bus driver was awesome weaving in and out of it and I got there in the nick of time, around 9:45 am but as soon as started to check in/get my baggage claim stickers for my suitcase there were problems. I had already checked in online but not for my bags so I think I made the mistake of trying to check in again at the kiosk and when it asked for my passport ID number I didn’t want to deal with it at the time so I tried to just back up to go where the option was to just print your baggage sticker.  This was a mistake as then the system told me that I needed to see an agent.

The only 2 agents available for help were dealing with other customers and it seemed to take an eternity before they could help me.  Then one airline guy who I told my problem to told me I could go to another person but this other person was having tech issues so the guy took me back where I originally was waiting. Then this guy made a comment that my flight was for 10:35 am and I was past the cutoff point and then the one grumpy old lady who could have helped me just told me I had to wait until she was done with this next customer as I had lost my place in line and that I would have to get on the next flight.  I was completely flustered and upset at hearing this because this was not at all my fault, I was at the airline in time, their incompetence (tech issues at the kiosk) should not have penalized me.

I knew this lady wouldn’t deal with any kind of attitude so I tried to start crying to see if I could get the pity help but I’m a horrible actress, I mean I was kind of really crying but not really, I just really didn’t want to have to spend money for another night at a hotel as the next flight wouldn’t be til the next day.

The other girl that was helping people then took me and then I realized that they had the time of my flight wrong, saying it was at 10;35 am and I told the girl that my actual flight according to my reservation I showed here was for 10:55 am. She actually helped me and told me I needed to check both bags (as my carry on on was a bit too big) but didn’t charge me for the 2nd bag.  Talk about customer service, this girl had it indeed, I wish I got her name as I would write into the airline in props for her.

So at that point I got to the terminal as fast as I possibly could and had just enough time to grab a Sprite as I was dying of thirst and hadn’t even gotten a chance to eat breakfast as I was planning to at the airport, along with some other necessary items such as exchanging my pesos for dollars.

At the end of it all I made it on the plane and so did my luggage (although my luggage had bright yello stickers that said standby/volunteer on them.

Arriving in Loreto

Loreto is a much smaller town than I thought it would be.  After I left the airport I wanted to swing by their to pick up some essentials.  My rental car was only half full of gas so I needed to make sure I had a full tank for the trip to Scorpion Bay. I also needed to exchange my dollars ($400 – that I had just gotten out of an ATM at the LAX airport as I didn’t have time to exchange them at the LAX airport and they didn’t provide that service at the Loreto airport.). I also thought it would be helpful to stock up on bottled water, so I would have it at Scorpion Bay and for the road in case something happened and my rental car broke down.

Driving into Loreto was a bit confusing as the roads merge/unmerge and at a time I didn’t even know if I was going the right way.  Anyways, I ended up turning into the actual town, as the main highway doesn’t really have any of the places I needed to visit.  The first thing I saw was a gas station so I pulled right up and there was a girl pumping gas/taking money.

I only had dollars at that time and she said she could accept them, but in non-touristy types of places in Mexico, they are VERY picky about what dollars they take.  The dollars can’t have any writing on them and can’t be torn at all.  I had quite a few pretty crisp looking 20s I just got out of the ATM that were rejected – man, I’m glad I got out quite a bit of money in the first place!  She didn’t have anything other than gas at her gas station, no water, etc.

Therefore, I was trying to get back on the main highway to get to this convenience store I saw, when I ran right into Bank Azteca which was perfect, because now I could exchange some of my dollars for actual pesos which are much easier to transact with in non-touristy Mexico.

I heard they would only exchange $200 at a time but when I got there I ran into this man I was in front of the customs line with at the Loreto airport and he told me you could exchange up to $300, although I only had $200 on me at the time, the other amount I had left in my car.  Since I was already in line I just decided to stick with exchanging the $200.

I knew I’d have to keep a good amount of those pesos set aside to get me my gas on the way back, and hopefully I’d have enough pesos to last me or my hotel would take credit cards for food and stuff.  After the bank, there was a big grocery type store where I stopped and found a big 6 pack of water bottles and a Sprite for my journey – although I didn’t drink much of the Sprite as I didn’t want to have to go to the bathroom at all on my way to Scorpion Bay.

Getting back onto the highway was a bit confusing as well.  I turned right up the hill like the guy told me at the bank, but there was this weird turnabout thing which kinda got me all turned around but eventually I felt my way back up to the highway, and went the opposite way this time, back to going passed the airport, which I would have originally turned left right out of, if I were to have gone directly to Scorpion Bay and not made the pit stop at Loreto.

The Drive from Loreto to Scorpion Bay

I had done all kinds of previous research on the best way to get from Loreto to Scorpion Bay.  I found a few people posting on blogs and stuff that said similar things so I printed those directions out and read them over and over while I was on the plane and had them with me to access as well, in case I needed help, as I would not be relying on Google or Siri for this trip!

Basically, it’s pretty simple, as soon as you get out of the airport you take a left on Highway 1 towards Ciudade Camades. I wasn’t expecting all the windy roads and mountain view scenery on the first hour or so of the journey.  It was definitely a beautiful view driving through but you had to be 100% focusing on driving as it was pretty scary in some places, I would definitely never do this drive at night.

After about an hour or so you see a sign in Spanish that I think said something to the effect, leaving the mountainous region, as it suddenly became very flat and so easy to drive, even though it was only one way in each direction.  This was the easiest part of the drive for me.

Then after about 30-40 minutes you come to this town called Insurgentes.  The signs are pretty explanatory here for keeping on the MX 1 Highway towards San Juanico but then it seemed to me like I was driving on a city street as it was named which I forgot and not the highway and this construction sign appeared, which I thought blocked off access to the road.  I thought perhaps I turned the wrong way so I went back in the other direction.

This was a mistake because I kept seeing signs for going to Cabo/La Paz which wasn’t the direction I was going.  I hit the town of Ciuadades and pulled over to look at the map my car rental person gave me and realized I did, indeed go out of the way.

I turned back around and came back to the road I thought was closed, however just followed a car that went to the left of that road and realized it was just a certain part of the road that was blocked off and they opened the other side of the road to oncoming traffic until the closed section was open again.  That was the main detour of the trip, the directions/signs were clear from that point on and I had no problems.

After Insurgentes, you continue on the MX Highway 1 for about an hour until you turn left at this water tower thing off a bit to the left, but there is also a San Juanico sign there now too. The MX Highway 1 from Insurgentes to where you turn off to go to Scorpion Bay was a mixed bag.  Certain parts were very smooth but when you got to the 55 KM meter, pot holes could appear anywhere, which I was prepared for via what I had read about the trip on the internet, it just seemed to me, the potholes started at the 55 KM (vs. the 75 and 85 KM) warnings I had read about.

I rented a big SUV that was upgraded to a Jeep just because of this.  I didn’t want busted tires and felt that a bigger car should be able to withstand any pothole bumps.  I was pretty cautious looking out for them, but some of them came from literally out of nowhere and I did end up going over a couple with some loud thumps, fortunately my Jeep’s tires held up (gotta check on that brand of tire, ha).

When the MX1 Highway suddenly starts going right and you see these go right signs, you know the water tower where you turn left to San Juanico will be coming up soon.  This was the case as I kept looking out for the water tower and saw it along with the sign to turn left to San Juanico. Then it’s just about 8km until you see this Tecate sign and turn right for the home stretch to Scorpion Bay.

At this point I was like, I survived the potholes but haven’t yet seen any cows. Well, I spoke to soon. As soon as I turned right at the Tecate sign I was driving along and then out a bit further I saw all these animals scurrying across the road.  It looked like a bunch of goats but there were actually a lot of little cows in the mix as well.

I had to stop my car and allow them to cross and pull out my phone to grave a photo/take a video, as I hadn’t taken any photos so far of the drive, and wanted to capture that!  I had planned on trying to use my 360Fly 4K to document some of the drive but I just decided I didn’t want to deal with setting it up and didn’t want to be distracted driving on the road as well!

After the goat/miniature cattle crossing, it was the home stretch.  Just 40 more minutes through some more twists and turns (but not mountainous ones) and you veer left and enter the town of San Juanico.  I went a few streets into town and turned right onto La Joya, which is where the Scorpion Bay Hotel was located that I was staying at.  I got there right at sunset, which was amazing, as I really didn’t want to drive at all in the dark in unknown Mexico!  Mission accomplished!

Arriving at Scorpion Bay Hotel

When I got to the hotel, I was famished, as I hadn’t eaten anything all day except for the biscuit/cookie thing and Pringles I bought on the flight to Loreto. I checked right in and went up to the restaurant and ordered an enchilada and a fish taco and it was sooooo good to eat some actual real food! I’m so glad I stayed at this hotel instead of trying some other hotels I found or AirBnB/VRBO’s I looked at.

Not like anything is wrong with them, but for me traveling by myself, it was just great to have a one stop shop for everything.  They have a restaurant right in the hotel with free breakfast and have surfboards and accessories for you to rent, so you don’t have to lug your surfboards with you and strap them onto your car, hoping they also survive the pothole journey there!

The staff were also so very friendly and accommodating.  There was this big off-road group having their last dinner there as they were leaving the next day and my waitress kept apologizing to me for the wait.  I was like, no problem, I’m not in any kind of hurry now, now that I’m in Mexico, it was just chill!  It was also cool to have a true authentic Mexican experience.

I’ve been to plenty of places before in Mexico but they’re all really touristy (Cancun, Cozumel, Cabo, Ensenada, Puerto Vallarta/Punta Mita). However San Juanico is a village where the locals actually live and you are just their guest, no gas stations, super markets, or even markets where people are trying to sell you touristy stuff.  The only thing touristy about it is the fact that surfers and off-roaders like to stay here, but again, thankfully it hasn’t been taken over by commercialization and remains a true authentic Mexican experience.

You should definitely brush up on your Spanish when you come here – since it’s not a touristy place Spanish is 100% mainly spoken.  I think between the bit of Spanish I know from 4 years of high school and some of the basic English they knew, and this handy Spanish/English app I downloaded, along with some charades, everything was able to be communicated perfectly well!  Sometimes I think I was speaking in Spanglish, as I would speak Spanish for all the words I knew, interjecting English with a Spanish accent when I didn’t know the Spanish words or had time to look it up in my app, ha!

The one thing to keep in mind with the hotel though is that their electricity only runs from 8am-12n and 6pm-10 or most of the time they kept it running til 11 – but 10pm is the published time.  It really wasn’t a big deal to me because I’m surfing usually from the whole 12-6 time when their isn’t electricity, but it definitely forced me to focus my charging electronic accessory times in the morning/evening hours and it made me actually go to bed by 11pm each night – which is a good thing, but it still didn’t help me get up any earlier, as I was on vacation, so I really didn’t set any alarms, ha.

The shower was amazing. That thing had such great water pressure there was no need for a wash cloth of any sort, it scoured you clean – and hurt a bit actually when I had gotten sunburnt, ha.

I didn’t take many pictures/video the first day as my mission was just to focus on safely getting to Scorpion Bay, but here’s a quick bit of the first day!

DAY 2: Scorpion Bay Surf Trip – Surfing day  1

I completely slept in the next day until 10:45, after the free breakfast from 8am-10am.  I didn’t care, as I just really needed to catch up on some sleep, especially after the day of stress and driving I had the day prior.

I walked outside and went down to check the surf first thing after I got up and there was no wave action at the FIrst Point, so I started to walk up to the 2nd point to check it out.  I shouldn’t have done this, as it was a bit of a trek and I was wearing leggings with a t-shirt that I had slept in – but hey they are clothes so I didn’t care, but the leggings did get a bit hot.  I made it up to 2nd point and realized that is where the main action and waves are at, and also where people camp out.

When I had previously researched Scorpion Bay, it seemed to me like the first and second peak were the places to be and I preferred the 1st peak as it seemed to have a bigger beach area to lounge around at in between sessions.  However when I was scoping the place out I found this little trail to the perfect beach area at the 2nd point.  It was a bit of a paddle right up to the 2nd point but this was perfect for me!

There was another entrance area closer to the point but it was full of rocks and nowhere to hang out on the beach. Next time I go there I think it would be cool to go with a big group and camp out for a few days and maybe the Scorpion Bay hotel for a few as well.  As there is just something cool about waking up not only to the ocean, but to the waves people are surfing.

I went all the way to the top of 2nd point to see the surfers in the lineup, which is where most of them huddle, lots of them also congregate further inside and not all the way up the point.  At that point I was super thirsty so stopped by the restaurant area overlooking the 2nd point and got a gatorade for the walk back to the hotel.

When I got back to the hotel, I picked up the Robert August noserider that I reserved and I also asked for a leash and a tieback hold down thing for my rental car, as I tried fitting the board inside of it, but it really wasn’t going to work and I didn’t want to risk damaging the board or car, should something happen on the quick but super bumpy drive to the 2nd point from the hotel.

I had asked for help tying down my board (in Spanish) as these original cord things this guy was going to give me looked completely foreign and I wasn’t sure how to work them.  I think someone said something to him because he then came back to my rental care with the appropriate type of car strap wracks that I was familiar with and knew how to use.  He and this other guy still helped me strap the board down, which I did appreciate .  After that, it was onto the beach – finally!

I got really nervous at one point driving to the beach because I hit a bump patch and then I could see the surfboard poking out in front of the top of the car and it didn’t seem like the straps were strapped on tight enough.  The board ended up staying on the car until I found my parking spot nearby this easy launch area to the 2nd point at Scorpion Bay, whew!

As soon as I got all my stuff setup I went straight out to surf, no lounging around on the beach watching other surfers first, it was way too hot for that, I needed to get into the water.  The water was pretty chilly at first I admit, but I refused to wear a wetsuit when the air is 90 some degrees. Plus, I saw on Magic Seaweed that they said the water temp was 20 Celsius which is like 70 Fahrenheit, which is perfect wetsuit weather.  However the hotel said the water was actually 63 degrees, which was definitely more on point.  The cooler water actually did feel refreshing though.

I had bought this Dolfinpack hydration pack which lets you hook a small backpack on you that has water in case you get dehydrated.  Remembering how the surfing was in Punta Mita Mexico, I definitely thought I would need to use it, as the air and water in Punta MIta was so hot I inhaled water after my short 45 minute surf sesh was over.

However with the water being colder, it seemed to help me not be as extremely thirsty.  I also brought this Hatleash (hat/leash) combo with me that I ran across because I know the Mexico sun can be brutal and the ocean loves to take things from me (360Fly’s Soloshot armbands, sunglasses, etc) so it was very handy in keeping the shade and tied to me!

The waves at Scorpion Bay are soooooo worth the journey it takes to get there.  Some say that it’s not the destination, but the journey.  Well, in the case of my Scorpion Bay surf trip, I say it’s more like the journey is the price you pay to get to the destination.  Some of my first few waves were just long, perfect, peeling green waves like I had never ridden before.

Granted, my first day my longest wave was only 159 yards, and I’ve gotten longer up at San Onofre, but the quality of this wave and the fact that it’s on a point and only breaks one way, so you always know which way to go for the most green wave face time is what makes this wave the perfect wave for me!  I ended up going all the way up to the top of the 2nd point to get my longest ride and it was so cool because this grom saw me starting to go for it and jumped off the wave he was surfing so I could have a chance at it.

Many women complain about dudes in the lineup, but I say that’s the older, grumpier dudes and the place you surf.  At Scorpion Bay, everyone is so chill, even one older guy tried to give me a push to get into one wave before I finally caught one all the way up at the 2nd point.

The waves are definitely longer when you catch them up there, but you really have to position yourself super close to the rocks, which is my main fear I have in surfing, of rocks.  They seem to like me even though I don’t like them and them before you know it I come into contact with them and they do nothing but make you go ouch!!

I tried to stay a safe distance from them, but I know I need to brace my fear of rocks and just sit where the other surfers sit, closer to the rocks out there.  After a few waves out at the top of the point, I just started getting tired, given that I had already probably walked a mile or so in the hot heat that day and still had nothing to eat, not even breakfast, so far at that point.  I got out of the water, took a break to relax, and then just did a non-clocked shorter 20 minute sesh just to get 2 sessions in on my first day, and called it a day.

I didn’t take any video footage this day either, just some pictures as I was exploring/checking out the place!

DAY 3: Scorpion Bay Surf Trip – Surfing Day 2

The first day I didn’t bring any tech stuff with me as I truly just wanted to experience the surf first, with no distractions, and get familiar and accustomed to the spot.  So, the 2nd day, was a pretty small wave day so I thought it would be a great time to bring out my 360Fly and document the 7 minute or so drive up to the 2nd point in my rental Jeep with my surfboard strapped on top.

This is why I love having a convertible.  I can just throw my board into my car and be off.  However, the board I was riding was a bit to long to really fit inside the Jeep I was renting.  I mean I could have fitted it in, but I would have had to leave the back windows open and who knows if the board could have slipped out.

I got some strap things from the Scorpion Bay Hotel to secure my rental board on top of the Jeep but I always get nervous when I do strap the boards on top of any vehicle.  Sometimes the board shifts around and then you can see it peeking up past the dashboard view and you just get super nervous.  I was especially nervous as the trail was rather bumpy but I drove super slow so everything held tight.  I documented this whole journey back and forth with my 360Fly 4K.

After my first day surfing, I put my August Robert Noserider rental into the hotel’s storage area.  However someone else must have picked it up and rented it the next day, even though I had reserved this particular board for a week, as the board wasn’t there the next morning.  I got another 8’6″ Robert August, which is the exact size of the longboard I ride at home, which was cool, but given the smaller 1-2 foot waves on tap the 2nd day, it was harder to catch waves, and especially the green ones with the shorter board.

I was on the lookout for my noserider rental as I knew someone would have to be surfing it, and I actually saw the guy riding it and paddled all the way back up to the 2nd point top of the peak to ask him, as it was buggine me because I swear it looked like the board I rode the day before.

He said that he did rent it just for the day and just grabbed whatever longest board he saw in the rental board room.  I was like, no problem, I really didn’t care, I was just glad someone hadn’t taken off with the board as I would be on the hook for it as I was the one who had reserved it for the week.

At that point I hadn’t really gotten any waves at all the entire day, as at first I was trying to film some surfing with my 360Fly camera using this mouth mount posted on a hand grip thing with a leash also attached (believe me, I’m paranoid about losing this thing as I’ve already lost it 3x to the ocean!).  It was just a bit harder to paddle as strong as I could with this leash thing in the way and I needed all the paddle power I could get so I gave up filming surfing that day and just went back out without the camera.

That’s when I saw this guy with my noserider rental board and his friend that was with him actually wiped out on this wave right at the point, which gave me the perfect opportunity to get a great jumping off point to catch this wave, which I did!  It was the best and pretty much only real wave of the day and I thanked him for wiping out later, as I told him that was my first wave of the day.

DAY 4: Scorpion Bay Surf Trip – Surfing Day 3

On Wednesday, the 3rd day of my trip, I made sure to bring some better snacks with me to beach, as I don’t eat much breakfast there and surfing can really make you hungry.  The first day I had some weird mix of fried Frito type things which was fine, but I really felt I was eating pure junk.  I picked up these oatmeal/yogurt/cookie things at a convenient mart I realized was right by my hotel at another hotel, which had way more stuff than this one tienda I went into more in the town area.

The waves were way bigger this day, the forecast had said something like 5-8 ft. which kind of scared me, but when I went to check out 1st point in the morning, it looked totally doable.  Even though the waves are bigger, the fact that they are perfect peelers with gentle slopes meant that it’s pretty easy to actually paddle out as you can paddle over most of the waves where they are not breaking and when you catch the wave, the gentle slope makes it much more forgiving to pop up on, if you pop up suffers like mine!

It looked like 1st point actually had a few people out surfing on it and was totally walkable from my hotel, however I couldn’t find my Rail Grabber, and without it, well, it wasn’t totally walkable, well it could have been, I would have had to just take 2 trips, one for my board, and one for my bag with my surfing/beach supplies. So I went ahead and grabbed the 8’6″ Robert August board (still couldn’t find my Noserider I had rented) and strapped in on my rental Jeep again and headed back to 2nd point!

I was a bit intimidated about going out as you could definitely see more whitewash out there, but the paddle out wasn’t really that bad, and the waves, as I mentioned above, were definitely bigger, around 5 feet at the peak, but their gentle slope made them easier to catch.  I ended up catching just some of the whitewash sections for my first few waves to just get used to it, as I really didn’t think I could make it all the way out to the top of the 2nd point that day given the wave size, but as I kept paddling towards the waves that were peeling in that I wanted to catch, all of the sudden, I was at the top of the 2nd point (albeit a comfortable distance from the rocks).

There were quite a bit of people hovering around this spot and because I don’t sit right next to the rocks, I just have to wait until the timing is just right or hope someone bails or wipes out on their wave.  This time, the timing was pretty good, as I managed to catch the end of a whitewash section and took it almost all the way in past the bus area which is one of my other main focus points when I’m out in the ocean.  I kept trying to get past the whitewash section, but it didn’t happen, but I got a really good, fun, long ride nonetheless and then I also caught another wave to ride it all the way back into shore.  That was my 2nd best wave of the day.

I did a one hour session (which I caught this wave on), and then rested 20 minutes.  Then I went back out for a 2nd session which was fairly decent and then just came in again as I needed a longer break to give my arms a rest. I could surf all day seriously, it’s just the paddling thing that prevents me from doing that, ha!  After a 60 minute rest I was charged and ready to go for one last short sesh and made it almost to the top of the 2nd peak again and caught this super clean, green wave that when I looked back at it, it was as tall as I was, which kinda freaked me out, but I just kept pushing forward on onto the wave until it just gave out.

I would have to say it was the biggest wave I’ve ever caught in my life – full on green style 5 footer! When I’m riding a green wave like that, I’m just so stoked on looking at it that I don’t remember I should probably cut back a time or two to get more into the power source of the wave to make the ride any longer (that was my best, but maybe not longest wave of the day). Perhaps maybe towards the end of the trip I’ll get around to working on the cut back, once the green wave thing becomes old hat, ha.

I mean I was surfing this one other little green wave earlier and I kept tucking under hoping I could at least get a little cover or perhaps a teeny tube, but not gonna happen where I was.  I did though, see this guy right on the rocks at 2nd point, truly get barreled.  So there are barrels to be had out there, you just gotta brave it and launch off right by the rocks!

After my surf sesh that day I got back to the Scorpion Bay Hotel, where I was staying and the August Roberts Noserider that I rented was waiting for me right in my room!  Yay!  I was so excited to see that.  I guess I will need to keep it in my room now so no-one else will walk off with it for a daily rental, etc.  After that, I walked back up to the camp grounds to have dinner their and mix of up eating places a bit and document some of the areas I wanted to highlight specifically with my 360Fly 4K that I couldn’t with my Jeep tour the day before.

DAY 5: Scorpion Bay Surf Trip – Surfing Day 4

My usual routine would be to get up at 8am or 9am ish and either eat some pastries I got at the local market or go upstairs for the hotel’s free continental breakfast.  By the time I got ready to actually head out to the beach it was usually around 10:30-11:30ish and usually arrived at the beach and unloaded, ready to surf by 11:30-12. It’s super hot from 8am-4pm but then tends to cool off as it gets windier in the afternoons and therefore I surf usually during the hottest time of the day, when you can cool off in the water, and there’s typically less wind.

I took my nose rider back out this day which I was psyched about as I wanted to ride more green long waves and it was a bit tricky getting it out of my room.  I lost/misplaced my rail grabber so I was really struggling on how to get this board out the hallway as there was just this screen door to open but it wouldn’t stay open so I thought I’d prod it open gently with my board but mistakenly the fin got to a bit of the screen.  I made a note to tell the manager upon checkout about that and I would pay for any repairs as I did feel bad.  I got the board out to my Jeep and strapped it up and was on my way to another big wave day!

The waves were still bigger this day, especially more so in the morning before the wind came in and really blew things out.  I was so up for catching some really long green waves this day with my noserider and got to 2nd point pretty early on in my first session.  The problem with today is the rash guard I was wearing (not the ones I now sell on my site) was rubbing up against my arm (kind of like these sandals I wore in Houston on my Texas surf trip) and actually causing a rash on my arm.

Aren’t rash guards supposed to prevent this instead of cause it?  Well, I’m never making myself another rash guard on 100% polyester fabric, is all I know.  It was starting to get painful to paddle so I really just wanted to catch a wave quickly at 2nd point and head back in to get some rest.  I was lucky to catch the peak of this one wave after the guy surfing it passed me and it ended up turning into a party wave of sorts.  It reformed into a perfect green wave and I got my good long ride of the day, I was stoked!

After a quick break I went out again but knew I wasn’t up for a lot of paddling since it hurt when I did so because of my stupid rash guard rash. I could seriously surf 24/7 but it’s the paddling thing that wears you out, especially when you’re riding really long waves and have to paddle a long way back to the takeoff point.

I tried to just align myself with the bus this time that was parked up on the cliff.  It wasn’t as far over as the peak of the 2nd point, but it still gave you a pretty long ride in. I went straight on this one wave as I just wanted to try hanging 5 at least, I stuck my foot out and did so, so technically I hung my first 5 in this trip, but immediately after I wiped out and my leg hit the board falling down, that did hurt a bit.

Surfing gives you joy but it also brings you pain.  On another silly little wave I caught I made the mistake of hopping off, as I was in shallow water, and I think I stubbed my toe.  My skin was also starting to really burn, especially the back of my legs, and even though I slathered on 50 SPF sunscreen multiple times that day, I think my skin had finally had enough with this strong Mexican sun and really started to tell me about it.

In San Diego, I love the sun, as it just doesn’t seem to be as intense as it is down here in Mexico.  I was really wishing for a cloudy day here, but every day was perfectly sunny with the sun glaring down at you.  It was a bit hard getting in and out of the car and in and out of any sort of chair after my surf sesh that day.

DAY 6: Scorpion Bay Surf Trip – Surfing Day 5

I had the best time surfing this day, one of my fave days so far overall.  No issues, no pain (other than the slightly lingering burns and rash guard rash), and caught a ton of fun waves. The waves were a bit smaller this day but still had a bit of the big swell in them.

I took my Soloshot 3 out for my first session this day to document some wave surfing here at Scorpion Bay!  Where I was sitting at the beach and the area in general, there was no place to lock the Soloshot to, so I just took a leap of faith, and took a bet on humans being good and not stealing other people’s property and had total success!  I had surfed there quite a few days at this point and there was nothing but super friendly people and a family atmosphere, so that gave me the confidence to just go for it.

The Soloshot 3 had some issues keeping me in center frame as it always had me for the most part at the very left of the screen for so many of the waves that I caught that first session, you just see the back half of, if you even see them at all.  But, the last wave of that session was meant to be!  I was paddling back in from the top of the 2nd point and caught this perfect little green peeler, and the camera caught that one perfectly and it had a great view of Scorpion Bay’s mountain borders in the background as well!

The 2nd session I had packed the Soloshot up as I was satisified with the amount of waves captured to give a sample of my waves surfed this trip.  I didn’t want to chance using it the entire day.  I caught a few really fun ones this session as well, my 2nd wave at the top of the point was the purest, greenest and biggest as I looked back and it definitely seemed up to my shoulders back there.

Some guy before-hand had asked me if he could give me a tip and I was like sure, I’ll take all the tips I can get, I need ’em – that’s what I got my Soloshot 3 for!  He told me I was slapping the water too hard with my hands when paddling, especially when I was sprinting and said just keep your fingers separated a bit, not a lot, but a bit and dig deep into the water.  I think I had an epiphany right then.

It seems like I see so many people paddle so effortlessly and get all kinds of waves and I feel sometimes I paddle so hard I give myself a headache and still don’t catch as many.  I think my problem the whole time was that I thought you should keep your fingers as close together as possible to create more friction to move more water (that’ why they made those web fin gloves back in the day).

However, when I tried this approach, paddling actually did seem a bit easier actually, and I could paddle faster that way.  I think this strategy helped me catch that pure green one at the top of 2nd point where everyone is huddled around the peak where it’s much harder to get waves as there’s so much more competition.

Typically when I’ve gotten waves there I just take people’s whitewash leftovers (not dropping in but just tagging along – ha) and keep working it until it reforms into a green wave down the line.  I take waves as far as I possibly can as I see a lot of other surfers just pull back once the wave starts slowing down.  That’s why I look a bit hunched over at times (really do need to work on my form and bend my knees more than lowering my back), because that helps push the board down the line a bit farther!

I think I have a new found confidence to go to the surf spots that do concentrate people around one peak, but it’s just being a weekend warrior, you don’t have time to wait to get a good amount of waves, that’s why I like Tourmaline as there are so many different takeoff spots (even though it is super crowded a lot of the time). I didn’t mind huddling around the peak at Scorpion Bay as I was on a 7 day surf vacation and I had nothing but time, plus, the waves right in front of where I was sitting usually weren’t as big or long!

DAY 7: Scorpion Bay Surf Trip – Surfing Day 6

My 2nd to last day here.  I knew it was going to be super small this day but I was going to have fun with it anyways.  Turns out there were still a lot of fun waves on tap and I actually got some footage of me surfing with my 360Fly 4K to get some up close shots on surfing there and the beautiful blue-green water. Granted, it was harder to catch the good green waves with this set up I had, using a mouth mount put onto a hand grip that had a leash attached, so even if I let go of the hand grip during a wipe out, my 360Fly would not leave me.

Believe me, I was not taking any chances with this 360Fly, the ocean has taken 3 away from me, that’s why I also only took it out on smaller days.  The leash made it harder to get a true strong paddle in and the waves were smaller with less force, but I managed to catch a few and got some decent footage. After about 20 or so minutes with that, I took the camera back so I could just focus on surfing.  The next two surf sessions were pretty fun as well, but I’m calling it a day on this writeup, as this blog is getting extremely long, it’s more like a book now, ha!

DAY 8: Scorpion Bay Surf Trip – Surfing Day 7 (last surfing day)

Nothing exciting or interesting really happened this last day.  The waves were really small but I did manage to clock a handful on my RipCurl Search GPS watch for my last day.  I was loving this day though because of the clouds.  In the morning it was just a thin layer of white clouds but was enough to cool it down some.

Later in the afternoon I spotted these dark clouds coming in and I heard one thunder rumble and a bit of lighting.  I was kind of excited but then yet I didn’t want a torrential thunderstorm in fear it might block the road out of Scorpion Bay, as there is this one area that goes over a river area that often overflows on the way out of/into town.  No rain though, so no problems.

One thing about Scorpion Bay is that the people there are just so friendly. I don’t know if it’s people see me as a girl there by myself and just feel sorry for me, but I truly have felt some of the friendliest vibes around at a surf break that I can think of.  You tended to see the same people every day because we were all on vacation at the same time.

Whether people waved me onto waves, helped push me on a wave, or wiped out/took off of a wave so I could have it sometimes, I just felt great vibes all around.  There was a local on the last day named Leslie who came up to me and said how she was impressed with my surfing. I was thinking there is never anything really impressive about my surfing but other than the fact that I go out and do it I guess.

I was telling Leslie about some of my issues I was having, especially this rash on my arm that kept burning, and she went to give me some kind of ointment she uses on her baby for rashes and said it worked well, and also gave me the rest of her bottle of butt creme or something that she said worked well on it as well.  She also offered up there place for me and a friend or two if I ever came back down.

Talk about local hospitality.  I never even seem to strike up conversations with people at my local break.  I think traveling solo definitely has it’s advantages as you meet more people than you would have otherwise.  This other grom told me as he was leaving that he liked my da Surf Engine “Stoked Pro” mock pro surfer jersey/rashguard that had a “Stoked 01” on the back.  He liked the back part and I thought it was super cool that a younger kid liked my thing, I thought it was a bit kooky and hamming it up, but it’s all in fun!

As I went to put my surfboard on top of my rental Jeep, this other guy saw my bag and towel about to be taken over by the rising tide and he moved them.  I was so appreciative of that, as I thought I had it up a good distance, but I can’t tell you how many times that tide has snuck up on me and my beach gear when I was out surfing and watching the surf.

So that’s it, my last day surfing at Scorpion Bay. I also managed to keep the surfboard strapped on my rental vehicle for all the drives back and forth to the 2nd point.  I knew I always had it tied secure enough, but you never know as you still get nervous when you hear the board shifting above! I definitely think 7 days is a good number for a vacation here.

It gives you enough days to have a variety of wave conditions and experiences and I think helps you just get away from it all and disconnect and focus on surfing, having fun with surfing, and improving your surfing.  I definitely think I’ve improved, I just need to find a way to surf more than just the weekends, because you have to keep practicing the things you’ve learned and picked up on.

I highly recommend adding this surf spot to your sand bucket list.  When the waves are big, it’s still fairly easy to get out and you can definitely have some of the best waves ever here.  I’ve had some of my best waves ever here, maybe not longest like I thought I would, but definitely some of the biggest, cleanest, greenest waves of my life!  A definite success!

DAY 9: Scorpion Bay Surf Trip – Getting back to Loreto from Scorpion Bay for the flight back to Cali

I would have driven my rental Jeep out to point 3 or 4, just to check it out, if I wasn’t trying to be super conservative with gas.  I had slightly over a quarter tank of gas which I knew a quarter tank could get me back to Insurgentes where they have gas stations (or even 10 minutes before in another little town that I had read about that is your last place for gas before San Juanico.

I did the math on how much gas my Jeep rental holds, it’s gas mileage, the 100 miles to Insurgentes, and I was confident if my gas was still a bit over a quarter of a tank, I could make it.  7 days of back and forth to 2nd point didn’t use that much gas but I was paranoid.  I was also very conservative with spending my pesos as I had a limited quantity of them and wanted to reserve a good chunk for gas on the way back, as I couldn’t be certain the gas station would accept dollars and who knows if they did if my dollars would be good enough (with no tears or marks).

In the end, I made it, I had plenty of gas to get me to Insurgentes but I still did top at the town before there just to fill up for my peace of mind and having a full tank of gas.  On my way back I noticed cornfields in this one section of the route and I almost felt like I was back in Indiana –ha, see, Mexico isn’t so dangerous, but the hills/mountains area before you get back to Loreto is a bit scary, as there are quite a lot of twists and turns and ups and downs, definitely for daytime driving only!

I made it to the airport and back home to LA and then San Diego with no drama/problems or any issues, it was a successful mission, indeed!

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