Mick Fanning’s Perfect Wave, The Snake Surf Spot – We Found it and have the evidence to prove it!

Mick Fanning The Snake RipCurl The Search Perfect Barrels

O.K. we admit that headline was total click bait in hopes to get your attention – as we’re a start up website and an app (da Surf Engine) that’s about to launch that helps people find their perfect waves (and surf buddies).

However, we have some thoughts on the whole drama and we’d love to share our perspective as it relates to the app we are launching!

The surf community blew up with curiosity at the release of Rip Curl’s latest Search film featuring 3x world champion Mick Fanning surfing a flawless, seemingly endless barrel in crystal clear blue warm water with a nice cushy sandy beach break.

If you look at the comments below this YouTube video of the wave, there are countless guesses, theories, and even conspiracy theories (that the video footage was edited/reversed and it’s actually a well known surf spot and not secret)!

All the surf media covered this wave, even non-surf media. However, as curious as the surf community was about finding this wave, others were downright grumpy and complaining that the websites are covering this wave and sharing people’s theories of its whereabouts just to increase their website visits, etc. and that both these surf websites and Rip Curl are just sell outs.

It’s a catch 22 – everyone wants to find these secret surf spots with flawless waves but it’s very frowned upon and taboo to give any publicity on guesses/thoughts to where these surf spots could be, in addition to filming them in general to give surfers any clues.

Our perspective is that yes, of course, it’s much more satisfying to search and explore and find your own secret surf spot that others don’t know about vs being told by someone where a surf spot is. Keeping it a secret helps the surf spot not become a crowded sardine fest!

However without any hard proof or evidence, what’s the harm in publicizing a few theories surfers have of where this spot might be, it’s the element of mystery and curiosity that keeps us on the journey of exploration.

Who knows, while trying to find this “secret wave”, perhaps some of us will discover other perfect waves and surf spots for our own individual style of surfing. I can tell you, as perfect as The Snake wave is, it is not my perfect wave – I would be crushed at a surf spot like this trying to catch a wave as fast barreling as Mick said The Snake was.

Modern day technology isn’t the enemy and can help us save time and explore places we might want to travel to surf. As great as it would be to be like the guys on The Endless Summer who could take off for a few months and explore the world on foot, we all don’t have that luxury.

To sum it up, whether or not you can find this iconic and legendary wave is irrelevant, as any wave on any given day can be your own secret surf spot and your own perfect wave! So go out and find a new surf spot, whether you explore online or on land, exploration is exploration!!

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