Baby Bay – The Friendliest Surf Spot on Earth

surfing babies, the friendliest surf spot on Earth

Here at da Surf Engine, our goal is to fuel your stoke by helping you find your perfect waves all around the world.  Nothing beats discovering a surf spot with good vibes and great waves and today we found the friendliest most chill surf break on Earth.  You have to watch this video to find out why!

Are you smiling now, in a good mood?  We thought so!  This Evian ad is absolutely brilliant as it is entertaining and speaks to being vibrant and healthy, which is what drinking lots of water can help achieve.  Surfing is indeed the fountain of youth.

It may not literally keep one young forever, but surfers are definitely known for their youthful spirit.  Surfing is an activity you can still do (at some breaks) even when someone gets old via their age number.  The agency who produced this ad even stated that “we really like the surf universe, not just for the spectacular physical thrills, but also for the healthy lifestyle, the philosophy and the cool spirit, very ‘Live Young!'”

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Surfing babies suiting up for a surf suesh
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Surf beach jam session – baby style

Beyond the entertaining ad, Evian has also launched their Baby Surf app where you can surf from a baby’s point of view and get barreled and do all kinds of other tricks like aerials and floaters, etc. if you’re not skilled enough to do them already!   It’s super fun to give a try if you get a chance.

What’s also cool about this campaign is they do encourage recycling, as we all know surfers are very concerned about the environment and recycling is a perfect solution to keep plastic from polluting our oceans.

surfing healthy lifestyle
Drink water, live young

By the way, if you want to find out where this ad was filmed, we have a few clues for you that you can find out with our da Surf Engine app or website. It’s somewhere in South Africa and is a surf spot for all skill levels that is a regional classic in the area.

This surf spot is a beach break with a sandy with rocks bottom, the waves are quickies to average in length and are fast, fun, hollow, & powerful. This time of year you probably need a spring suit, the weather averages in the 70s, and the best surf season is from March-October. By the way, the real name of this surf break is not Baby Bay, that’s just it’s new nickname!

We hope we perked up your day a bit by sharing the surfing baby ad, stay tuned for more surf spot tidbits and surf stoke fuel!

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