Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Glassing a Surfboard

glassing a surfboard

They told me making my own surfboard would be easy.

It wasn’t.

It was hard work, took a LOT of time, and turned out pretty mediocre.

But the board works!

Here are the 3 biggest mistakes I made when glassing my fish, so you can avoid them when glassing your first surfboard.

1. Didn’t Work Fast Enough

Spreading surfboard resin

Once the hardener is mixed into the resin, you only have a short amount of time to work with it, before it starts to thicken and harden.

I worked a little too slow on the first coat, which allowed the resin to thicken before I finished coating the bottom of the board.

I had to mix up a quick batch of clear resin to finish the job.

Pour your resin onto the board liberally, and spread it quickly.

2. Too Much Pigment

surfboard glassing supplies

I wanted my surfboard to be black, so I bought black pigment to mix with the resin.

The guy who sold it to me, told me to use all of it. I think I actually should have only used a small amount…

The first coat of resin (that I mixed the black pigment into) never fully cured. I waited a few days and it didn’t get completely hard like it should have. I measured the resin and hardener correctly, so I think I must have used too much black pigment.

The clear hotcoat of resin did cure completely hard.

3. Didn’t Sand Enough

Sanding a surfboard

I guess I’m not the most patient person.

When sanding your surfboard, you want to make sure everything feels and looks smooth, before adding more resin.

I left a lot of bumps/ridges in my board, and just added the hotcoat over top.

It’s functional, but not pretty. There are also a lot of air bubbles (or popped bubbles) on the surface.

A little more time sanding would have the board’s surface smooth like it should be.

Hopefully you avoid making these same mistakes when glassing your first surfboard, good luck!

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