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Find YOUR perfect waves by selecting from over 21+ criteria at over 8,000 surf spots around the world. da Surf Engine app saves you time by finding the best surf spots around the world just for you, based on your preferences! As the Endless Summer II quotes, "If you went searching for your perfect wave and went to every spot in every country people now surf and stayed 1 day, you'd be gone for 50 years". We hope we're saving you 50 years of searching so you can spend more time surfing...YOUR PERFECT WAVES!
Search by Surf Style
Find surf breaks that are best suited for your experience level or board type.
Search by Wave Type & Much More
Filter surf breaks by wave reputation, paddle out conditions, wave direction, wave motion/power, wave length, plus find spots by crowd level, best swell/wind direction, best tides, and much more!
Search by Seasonality
Surfing in the month of January and want to find somewhere with warm water and best conditions around this time of year, we've got you covered!
Search by Geography
Locate surf spots nearby you or by continent and country area.
Search for Surfing Buddies
Set up your surfer profile and find surf buddies around the world by surf style/frequency/time of day preferences and skill level.


Find Your Perfect Waves, Explore Surf Spot Pictures/Videos/Websites and make comments or jot down personal notes, Get directions to surf spots as available, Add Surf Spots to Your Favorites or a Sand Bucket List, See Current Conditions/Wave Forecasts from Surfline/Magic Seaweed, and Set Up Your Profile to Find Your Perfect Surf Buddies Around The World!
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